Recent IFS ® Trainer Promotions

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We're delighted to share the latest round of IFS ® Trainer promotions. Tamala Floyd, Gwen Hurd, and Leslie Petruck have been promoted to Co-Leads; and Galit Arad-Trutner, Requina Barnes, Jenny Fiebig, Fatimah Finney, Carmen Jiminez-Pride and Crystal Jones have been promoted to Assistant Trainers. We're grateful to have these talented individuals working with us. Read more about each trainer below.


Headshot of Tamala FloydTamala Floyd, LCSW-BACS, has over 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist working with children, families, and women with trauma histories. She has expertise in childhood sexual abuse, women’s sexual trauma and domestic violence. Tamala has worked in various settings including schools, criminal justice, hospitals, community mental health and private practice. She is an IFS consultant providing BIPOC therapists and practitioners with supervision towards IFS certification.  

Tamala has authored a chapter in “Fiercely Speaking,” entitled, Healing the Wounded Mother and a chapter in an upcoming the book, “Internal Family Systems Therapy: Supervision and Consultation.” The chapter focuses on IFS consultation with BIPOC therapists. 


Headshot of Gwen HurdGwen Hurd, LCSW, NCCE, NCPC, is a Certified IFS Therapist and Clinical Consultant.  She graduated from the University of Chicago with a Master’s in Social Work. Gwen was introduced to IFS during her graduate program, started Level 1 training in 1998, completed the Level 3 training in 2014, and became a Program Assistant in 2015.  

Gwen has used IFS in her work as a Child Protection Investigator in the Chicago area, and with at-risk youth and families both as a therapist and program director, in Northwest Indiana.  She has taught at both the bachelor's and master's degree levels, and is currently licensed in Utah, Nevada, Texas, and Nebraska.  Gwen is currently the Clinical Director and Therapist/Custody Evaluator at Sage Circle Counseling Center in St George.  


Headshot of Leslie PetruckLeslie Petruk, LCMHC-S, NCC, BCC, is an IFS Level 3 and IFS Certified therapist, a Board-Certified Coach and the Director of The Stone Center for Counseling and Leadership in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her group private practice serves children, individuals, couples and families.  One of her specialties is working with parents utilizing the IFS model.  In addition, Leslie provides consultation and supervision to individuals and groups seeking licensure or IFS Certification.  She has taught introductory IFS workshops as well as the application of IFS for clinicians working with children and parents.   

Leslie has presented at the IFS Conference on Parenting, The Application of Sandtray to IFS, IFS and Play Therapy, and applying IFS to Work with Children and Parents.  She has also developed a parenting program that applies IFS principles that she delivers to parents in workshop format. 



Assistant Trainers 

Headshot of Galit Arad-TrutnerGalit Arad-Trutner, MSW, LICSW, is a certified IFS therapist in private practice in Bellevue, Washington, where she works with individuals, couples, and groups.  She has been very passionate about IFS since she discovered the modality in 2014, and has taken Levels 1, 2, and 3 training programs, and has been an IFS Program Assistant multiple times. Galit is passionate about working with gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation related trauma, multicultural families, and intersectionality of privilege and oppression. 

Originally from Israel, Galit has experience working in both Israel and the US in various settings including hospitals, community mental health, justice system, and sexual trauma. 


Headshot of Requina BarnesRequina Barnes is a LICSW, Certified IFS Therapist and has been in the field of social work for over 16 years. She has a private practice and works with adults and couples focusing on attachment, codependency, relationship challenges and trauma. She practices from an IFS lens with her clients.  She is an adjunct professor and teaches social work classes.  



Headshot of Jenny FiebigJenny Fiebig, MS, NCC, LCPC/LPC is IFS Certified and practices in both Montana and Colorado. Coming from a wilderness guiding background, the experiential nature and systemic work of IFS was a great fit for the way she engaged in the world and in therapy. Jenny works with both individuals and couples in her private practice based out of Durango, Colorado. She specializes in survivors of outdoor trauma, specifically avalanches and river traumas.  

Jenny  leads IFS-based wilderness groups for adults wanting to deepen their knowledge of their protective system while learning about the human history and eco-system of the landscapes upon which they are travelling. She is excited to be a part of the IFS community and to witness the growth of practitioners as they integrate IFS into the way they engage with their communities. 


Headshot of Fatimah FinneyFatimah Finney, LMHC, is a is a certified IFS therapist and maintains a private practice serving BIPOC, young adults and clients seeking short-term support through Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). As an administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory, Fatimah is a consultant to individuals and organizations looking to build their capacity and skills in centering diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice. Prior to opening her private practice, Fatimah spent most of her career providing in-home therapy to children, adolescents and adults in Boston, Massachusetts.  

Fatimah facilitates workshops on intercultural competence, microaggressions and mental health awareness with an aim to make workplaces more inclusive and equitable. Fatimah believes that IFS is a powerful framework for healing and applies it in her personal and professional life. 


Headshot of Carmen Jiminez-PrideCarmen Jiminez-Pride, LCSW, is an IFS therapist and a Certified EMDR Therapist experienced in the clinical treatment of children, adolescents, and adults from culturally diverse backgrounds. Her career in the mental health field spans more than 15 years. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Outspoken Counseling and Consulting and the developer of Diversity in Play Therapy Inc. and creator/organizer of the Diversity in Play Therapy Summit.   

Carmen is an international speaker, award-winning best-selling author, and business consultant. She is a visionary in the therapeutic community, working to create a range of educational tools to assist the industry professionals reach optimum goals. With a focus on cultural humility and cultural diversity, Carmen educates clinical professionals to address racial and cultural trauma within their clinical practices.  


Headshot of Crystal JonesCrystal Jones, LCSW is a Certified IFS Therapist and Assistant Trainer. She feels extremely grateful to have experienced and witnessed the healing benefits of the IFS model in her own life and in the lives of her clients.  She has 18 years of clinical experience and owns a private group practice, Life Source Counseling Center, Inc., in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  

Crystal is known for her compassion and heart-led approach to her work.  She is passionate about creating safe spaces for BIPOC women to feel connected, seen, heard, and valued as they do their healing work individually and collectively. She also enjoys providing IFS clinical consultation to therapists and practitioners learning the model and pursuing certification. She truly looks forward to sharing in the healing journeys of all inspired by this model.