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Daily Parts Meditation Practice

A Journey of Embodied Integration for Clients and Therapists

Michelle Glass, shares the foundations of this life-changing approach to counseling and self-healing. IFS is a way of understanding your personal journey and identifying and addressing past trauma and coping mechanisms. One of the fundamental themes of IFS is “parts”—separate facets of an individual that can work together or at odds with one another.

Glass demonstrates how to create Parts Timelines, Parts Catalogue Cards, Parts Biographies, Parts Maps, Parts Externalizations, and how to develop a specific meditation practice. Through these techniques, readers learn how to develop a coherent narrative; deepen integration; accrue less burdens; and augment spiritual awakening, among others. Glass’ exercises will help readers better understand their journeys and themselves. Whether they are new to parts work or experienced practitioners, they’ll find these exercises teach them something new about integration. Glass directs her work to both clients and therapists.
For a therapist to successfully help clients, he or she needs to have a stable foundation. Daily Parts Meditation Practice can help them better connect with their clients and support integration. For clients, the guide can help them do their own work and better understand their journeys.


Soft Cover
$21.00 USD