Altogether YOU

Experiencing personal and spiritual transformation with Internal Family Systems Therapy

Christian therapist and speaker Jenna Riemersma applies the ground-breaking insights of Internal Family Systems (IFS) for anyone who feels stuck in unwanted feelings and behaviors, with a special focus on personal transformation for readers of faith. In Altogether You, she explains why our parts are so often at war—parts of us wanting to please others and do things right while other parts seem bent on acting out, shutting down, or engaging in hurtful behaviors. Jenna explores the surprising IFS insight that our warring parts are actually trying to help us, even when what they’re doing or feeling is not helpful. By genuinely welcoming all our parts and learning how to access our God-created core Self, we can finally experience the change, integration and wholeness we’ve been looking for.

Soft Cover
215 pages
ISBN 9781734958409
$18.99 USD