IFS-I Approved Clinical Consultants

Effective January 1, 2024

IFSI Approved Clinical Consultants (ACCs) play a vital role in the IFS community by supporting IFS Certification Candidates in the pursuit of IFS Certification.

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ACCs engage in regular, structured meetings with Certification Candidates for two primary purposes:

  • Supporting IFS Certification Candidates with skill-building in the IFS model

  • Evaluation of IFS Certification Candidates for readiness toward IFS Certification

Pre-requisites to apply:

  • Active Certification as an IFS Certified Therapist. If your IFS Therapist Certification lapses, your designation as an IFSI Approved Clinical Consultant is no longer valid

  • Active licensure in your field with supervisory experience

  • Minimum 3 years since the date of completion of your Level 1 Training

  • Consultation experience and/or 4 PA experiences*

  • Recommendation rubric from an IFS-I Lead Trainer

(*Repeat PA experience helps Lead Trainers in filling out the required IFSI Approved Clinical Consultant recommendation rubric. Individuals typically form relationships with Lead Trainers through PA experience. Lead Trainers may request additional benchmarks if more exposure to your work is needed.)

Note: Meeting pre-requisites does not guarantee acceptance into the designation. We value all applicants and consider a combination of skills and experience as part of our review process.

Please email [email protected] for next steps if you meet all pre-requisites. Requirement exceptions are not made at this time to maintain standards for all interested individuals. Reviews for the designation happen on a quarterly basis. 

If you're interested in our Trainer Track for individuals who wish to teach the foundations of IFS, that is a separate track and we welcome you to learn more here: https://ifs-institute.com/trainer-career-path 

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