Interest Lists

If you are unable to participate in a training that's available on this website, we invite you to add your name to an Interest List for a potential future training.  IFS Institute will email people on Interest Lists should a training be scheduled in their area.   Being on an Interest List does not obligate you to apply to or enroll in a training, and you may add your name to as many Interest Lists as you like.

Please note that being on an Interest List is different from applying to a training, being enrolled in a training, and being on the Waiting List for a training.  If you would like to apply to an available training or its Waiting List, please submit a completed program application.  For more information about Waiting Lists, please contact

Click the link below to subscribe to an interest list. 

If you would like to add a new North American Interest List:  Please contact

North American Interest Lists

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To find out more about North American trainings that are already scheduled, please see the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 training pages.


International Interest Lists

If you would like to add a new International Interest List:  Please contact

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Click here to view International Training Programs that are already scheduled.


IFS Training for Coaches

We're considering development of an IFS Training tailored for coaching professionals. A timeline for this offering is currently not known.  

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