Online (668) - Eastern Time Zone (Nickname: Polar Bear Peak)

IFS trainings are very popular, and an Application Lottery determines who can apply for this training.

This training is full with a waiting list and we are not able to accept additional applications at this time.

If you would like to apply to a future IFS Institute training, please add your name to that training’s Application Lottery Sign-Up Form when it becomes available. To learn about future trainings, please add your name to the Online Level 1 Interest List (“Training” tab).


This training meets online!


2021: December 2-5
2022: January 20-23, February 24-27, plus 3.5 hour sessions January 4 and February 1


Lead Trainer: Pamela Krause, LCSW

Assistant Trainer: Leslie Petruk, LPCS, NCC, BCC

Assistant Trainer Mentee: Crystal R. Jones, LCSW


Payment Plans:  Please see the training's brochure for information about Payment Plans for this training.

Scholarships:  We can only accept scholarship applications from those in the training or on its waiting list. 

Please do not submit a scholarship application unless you have already applied for the training. Thanks!

Scholarship Application Level 1 (668) - Submit by September 1

Training Coordinator

Online (668) - Eastern Time Zone (Nickname: Polar Bear Peak)

Informational brochure

Please see the training informational brochure for details about the daily schedule, continuing education credit, trainers, finances, training location and travel information, reading materials, and much more...

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