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Global Majority: This is a collective term that encourages us to recognize that together, those of African, Asian, Latin American, and Arab descent, along with Indigenous people from around the world, comprise the vast majority of people worldwide.

Affinity Group Training: IFS Institute offers this training to provide a unique and supportive space for those with similar, shared lived experiences as members of the Global Majority.

  • This training is only for participants who are members of the Global Majority, and for whom being a member of the Global Majority is integral to their own personal and cultural self-identity.

The Informational Brochure linked to this page contains essential information: 

  • Dates & Daily Schedules, Tuition & Finances, CE Credit, and more!



2024: March 24-27, May 1, May 19-22, June 19, July 7-10


Lead Trainer: Tamala Floyd, LCSW-BACS, IFS Certified

Assistant Trainer: Sand Chang, PhD, IFS Certified


This training meets online.

Enrollment Closed

Online (955): Eastern Time Zone (Nickname: Beech Forest)

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